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10 Sensory Toys That Can Help Your Child

Many kids enrolled in preschool can learn and develop by playing with toys. A smart way to make children explore their senses is using sensory toys. These toys are great for helping kids learn or to sit, walk, pay attention, and generally behave. According to a State of Preschool Yearbook Report, 1.5 million kids, including 32% of 4-year-olds and 5% of 3-year-olds, attended preschool in the previous school year. All of these students can benefit from these toys.

Do you know about all the sensory toys out there? Probably not! Keep reading along here so you can learn about 10 sensory toys that can help your child develop and learn.

1. Magic Sand

This is one of the greatest sensory tools you can use to keep your child engaged and happy. They'll be amazed at the sand's ability to return to dry even after being put into water. These sensory toys come in many different colors and are fun for ages 3 and up.

2. Sensory Pasta

This pasta has unique textures and is a great way to start incorporating sensory play. Students can practice sorting by color and shape with this sensory pasta. You can fill in sensory bins with different shapes and colors and let your child play. Make sure to monitor activity as they can pose a hazard to young children.

3. Alphabet Magnets

When your child is learning the alphabet, you can't go wrong with alphabet magnets! They can learn to spell out simple words, write out the alphabet, or even their name. Get some alphabet-lined paper once your student is ready to move on to writing.

4. Beach Sensory Bins

If your kid’s always asking to go to the beach because they want to play in the sand, then get them a beach sensory bin! With this sensory bin, you can bring the beach home and watch your child have fun building sand castles and playing with sea animals.

5. Animal Sensory Bins

The alphabet is not the only thing your child can learn with sensory toys. Animal sensory bins come with all sorts of animals and can be a supplemental educational tool along with preschool. Whether they're learning about frogs or birds, these bins are easy to use and always fun!

6. Flower Sensory Bins

Maybe your child is interested in planting flowers. If they seem to be missing out when you go to the garden, get them a gardening sensory bin to play along with you! This way, you get to bond with them by doing an activity that you both love.

7. Space Sensory Bins

Support your child's growing interest in the outside world by introducing them to space. This will help spark your child's imagination, as it's filled with sensory toys that keep them wondering about the world around them. Some kits even come with print-outs that can help you guide your child to a fun playtime.

8. Food Sensory Bins

Let your child pretend they're the chef, whether it be tacos or cupcakes. With food sensory bins, your child will learn to love different kinds of foods without playing with the real ones! It's a great tool for keeping their hands and minds busy and not messy.

9. Construction Site Sensory Bins

Does your child love to build? Building blocks are not the only toy you can use! Check out construction site sensory kits, as they'll allow your child to safely be a part of their favorite activity. You can teach them about shoveling and building structures in a fun environment that'll be hard to put down.

10. Magic Fish Sand Bowl

Explore science with this sensory toy and discover how the sand stays dry even after being added to the water. This is an exciting way for kids to explore STEM activities.

It's important to note that preschool kids generally find fun in everything, whether it's a box, cup, spoon, or wrapping paper. With just a few items, you can stimulate their mind and help them learn more about the world! Want to see more sensory toys on the market? Reach out to us at Mama of Joy Sensory Play. We'd be happy to help you select the right toy for your child.

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