Color Theory Printouts

Color Theory Printouts

Mama of joy colors

Whether we recognize it or not, color plays an important part in each of our lives. It can excite us, inspire us, or remind us of something important. Understanding how color works is both fun and useful. Mixing colors and exploring color theory is a learning activity that never gets old. It is simple enough for preschoolers and exciting enough for older kids. It always excites the kids to see the new colors that they can make. 

Most adults know and take for granted the fact that all colors stem from the three primary colors-red, blue, and yellow. This fact alone is fascinating for children, especially when they can see the colors being “made” right in front of them! Mixing the primary colors to make the secondary colors of violet, green, and orange is a great activity and starting point, especially for young children.  


Attached to the link below, we have provided printable worksheets to extend play with the Mama of Joy Sensory Pasta and Mama of Joy Rainbow Chickpeas.

 Mama of joy coloring



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