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Frog Sensory Bin Play & Learn

Prepping your water beads:

Pour 1 bag of beads into a large bowl; add 8 cups of water to beads. Allow 4-6 hours to fully hydrate to marble size. Drain off excess water and pour beads into container. As beads shrink, add water to cover and rehydrate. Store in resealable bag when not in use. It is best not to store the hydrated beads in the container as it is not an airtight seal. Check for mold before play. One bag will fill container once hydrated. WARNING: DO NOT INGEST. Do NOT dispose of water beads in household plumbing

Frog Sensory Bin

Playing with water beads is one of our favorite play activities. They are squishy, bouncy, slimy, and keep kids entertained for hours. Water beads start out the size of a mustard seed and once hydrated, grow to the size of a marble. Check out our tips on how to keep your water beads clean for multiple play sessions by clicking the link below.



There are so many different ways to play with sensory bins. Below are examples of additional ways to play with the Frog Sensory Bin. 

Frog sensory bin

Another way to play with this Frog Sensory Bin is by just adding water in place of the water beads. The lily pads will float on top of the water creating a unique way to play. 


Play & Learn Ideas

  • Ask the child what they think will happen when adding water to the water beads before they are hydrated. (Will the water beads absorb it all, some of it, or none?)
  • Count the frogs.
  • Discuss the colors of each frog.
  • Discuss what frogs eat. (ie. flies, mosquitos, moths, slugs, and worms)
  • Ask which items are floating on the water.


Please use your best judgement to determine if your child is old enough to play with water beads.  They should not be ingested and could be a choking hazard.

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