Our Story

Our daughter, Tenley, was born at 28 weeks weighing only 2 lbs 1 oz. Having a premature child requires special knowledge and care that I quickly had to learn. It started during her 100-day NICU stay and continued after she came home. Since preemies are at an increased risk for sensory issues, we had several therapists visit us frequently to educate us on the ways to overcome any of Tenley's sensory issues and bridge her adjusted age gap. They taught us so many valuable tools and ways to help our little preemie reach her milestones. 

I began to research and create activities that would stimulate her senses. I made sensory bins for her and while she was engaged in playing with these sensory bins, I noticed how much she enjoyed them and I started seeing developmental benefits. As a result her sensory issues diminished and are now gone. During that time, I also learned that it is not just some children who have difficulty with sensory integration that can benefit from sensory play, it's all children. I was encouraged to share the benefits of sensory play with other families and founded Mama of Joy Sensory Play. Here at Mama of Joy Sensory Play, you will find sensory bins that are packed with materials to facilitate exploration and naturally encourage children to play, create, investigate and explore. We hope to help other families integrate sensory play into the lives of their own children as well.