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Magnetic Alphabet Sensory Bin

Magnetic Alphabet Sensory Bin

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Get ready to dive into the world of letters and language with our Magnetic Alphabet Sensory Bin. Bursting with colorful magnetic letters, sensory-rich materials, and engaging activities, this immersive sensory experience promises to ignite curiosity and inspire early literacy skills. With a variety of magnetic letters in vibrant colors, children can manipulate, sort, and arrange letters to form words, fostering letter recognition and phonemic awareness. Practice using fine motor skills with the magnetic wand to hunt for alphabet letters and other treasures hiding in the sensory bin. Children will build skills in literacy, early math, fine motor skills, and science as they play with this bin. 

The Magnetic Alphabet Sensory Bin includes uppercase magnetic letters. We have the option to purchase lowercase magnetic letters here. --> Alphabet Magnets - Lowercase

Magnetic Alphabet Sensory Bin Specs:

  • Contents: Colored Rice, Uppercase Magnetic Letters, Magnetic Wand, Pipe Cleaners, Magnetic Chips, Counting Links, Colored Bowl, Play and Learn Card
  • Dimensions: Full Size Sensory Bin Container with Lid (14" x 10") OR Storage Bagged Option
  • Age Recommendation: Suitable for children ages 3+ under adult supervision.
  • Allergen Note: Does Not Contain Obligatory Allergens.  
  • Warning: Product contains small magnets. If swallowed, seek immediate medical attention. Please use parental discretion with any magnets.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews

So cute but one came broken


2.5 year old loves and plays with daily

Katie Nevergall
Prefect learning tool/ sensory bin

My son is in Kindergarten & currently learning how to sound out words, figuring out the first letter of words/objects, along with learning some sight words. It’s quite the transition from preschool. I wanted to make learning a little more fun and less intimidating by creating a bin to challenge him (in a fun way). I was just about to start the process of creating my own sensory bin until I came across this company during my sensory bin research. This company saved me me so much time and hassle. As a full time working mom, my time spent at home is precious. Even the dying of the rice and beans, would have been a process; nonetheless, finding all the individual accessories here and there to create a kit of this such. It was nice to buy it all pre-made/ in a kit, at one time. Well worth the price!! These kits have been well thought out and are of such great quality. It was more than I had hope for in a sensory bin!! As far as use: I will show my son a picture or an object and he will use his tools to dig around then he will use his magnet to grab the correct letters. Something different to put in our learning rotation this year and he’s enjoying it. Thank you for offering these products/ kits. If you are reading this and on the fence about purchasing… do NOT hesitate. You will not regret it!

Rochelle Waters
Best Sensory Toy!

My son is newly diagnosed with ADHD with Autistic like behaviors so we’re just starting to navigate our way through and I am so happy I found Mama of Joy on IG. Our therapist mentioned finding some sensory toys and I had no idea what I was looking for. I came across Mama of Joy and was super excited to see a box with ABC’s (my son is obsessed with the alphabet!). We received our box this morning and Dalton has been sitting at the table playing for 3 hours. He’s so excited about it and keeps calling all of us over to the table to check out what he’s done. We’re placing another order today! Thank you for such a great product, for my son and myself! ❤️

Ashley R.
Amazing tool for learning

I am thoroughly impressed with the quality of the items in this bin. I also like the ideas included to help think of ideas to play. My kids have enjoyed this bin for over a year and we order this one for gifts. Highly recommend this bin for educational sensory toys. I even enjoy running my fingers through the rice!